What is the Crofoot?

The Crofoot is a mixed-use independent entertainment complex that includes five unique venues and spaces: The Crofoot Ballroom, The Pike Room, The Vernors Room, The Crofoot Cafe, and The Patio.

The Crofoot Presents refers to the promotion wing of the company, used primarily when producing or promoting events in venues or spaces outside of the Crofoot complex across Metro Detroit and the state of Michigan. Visit: https://thecrofootpresents.com for more information.


The Crofoot, a family owned and operated venue and promotion company, is committed to providing top-notch customer service in clean, safe, and inviting environment. Courteous staff, state-of-the-art production, and a thoughtful eye on hospitality ensure the experience of attending a Crofoot event is a memorable one.

Box Office

On regular weekdays, our business office sells tickets to all of our events. The office can be reached at: (248) 858-9333

Regular office hours are Monday – Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

On event days, our box office opens at the stated event door time. Tickets to future events can be purchased any time we’re open. Please ask a staff member for assistance.

The Crofoot has four different entrances coinciding with four different rooms for the public (three venues, one café/bar). The Ballroom entrance is located on Pike Street at the red colored doors, while the entrances for all other rooms are located on Saginaw St. and are marked with A-frame signs in front.

Winners of radio station giveaways or other promotional tickets must have a picture ID stating your name in order to claim tickets.

Will Call

The name on your order (the one shown on the receipt) is the person who must be physically present to pick-up the tickets. If the person whose name is on the order is not available, please ask them to change the name on the order in advance. This can be done by contacting Ticketweb at 866-468-3399.

Parents: If you purchased tickets for your child, please give them a printed copy of the order confirmation. If they have the same last name, an ID, and a copy of the order confirmation, they will be able to pick up the tickets.

Ticket Refunds

No tickets shall be refunded unless the headliner cancels their performance. Cancellation of support acts is not cause for a refund. For no other reason will ticket buyers be issued a refund. Tickets may, however, be transferred to another name for pickup at will-call. Please call Ticketweb at 866-468-3399 to request a will-call change.

Special Accommodations

The Crofoot is an ADA barrier free facility. We’re happy to accommodate patrons with special needs. To help us better assist your needs, please feel free to call us in advance. Our office will offer suggestions on parking, arrival time, and seating or reserved space. Our main business office is open Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 5:00pm; 248-858-9333.

If you plan to bring a small child to an event, please let us know. We have portable changing stations and high chairs, and will do our best to accommodate you and your little one.

General Information

There are no professional cameras or recording devices allowed without prior approval.

No outside beverages or food are allowed into the venue.

Our floor plan setup changes for nearly every event, though we mainly function as general admission venue with standing room and limited seating for concerts. If you have special needs, please see our “Special Accommodations” section above.

For the safety of all our patrons and staff, some events will require attendees to walk through metal detectors. Our walk-through metal detectors, or magnetometers, emit no harmful rays or energy.

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