The Crofoot Presents:

Dan Cummins (Late Show)

The Happy Murder Tour (Live Special Taping)
Friday, October 18, 2019 @ 9:00pm Pontiac, MI @ The Crofoot Ballroom
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Dan Cummins has been a guest on multiple Late Night shows, from CONAN to the TONIGHT
SHOW to THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. He’s had a Comedy Central 1/2 hour special, a one hour
Comedy Central special, CRAZY WITH A CAPITAL F, and most recently, Amazon’s DON’T WAKE
THE BEAR. Dan’s enormous fan base on Pandora is part of what makes him stand out. Over
300,000 fans have created stations solely based on Dan Cummins comedy, pushing his plays to
over 306 million. He ranks as one of the most “liked” comics on Pandora with an average of
over 80% thumbs up.

Dan’s never-ending quest for knowledge has led him into the sometimes dark but always
interesting and hilarious world of TIMESUCK. This weekly podcast, released every Monday at
12 PST, is a slightly irreverent but consistently entertaining way for the eternal knowledge
seeker to get their dose of thoroughly researched information. From Scientology to Jeffrey
Dahmer to the KKK, no topic is off limits. Dan’s growing community of savvy listeners
download almost 1 million episodes a month, proving that Dan isn’t alone in his love of
learning in a new and exciting way. Timesuck can frequently be found in iTunes list of the top
100 most downloaded comedy podcasts. Dan’s been a guest on other popular podcasts like
BERTCAST, The Adam Corolla Show, The Church of What’s Happening Now with Joey Diaz and
various Barstool Sports shows amongst many other podcasts.

Remaining true to his love for writing and his passion to make people laugh, Dan stepped out
on his own after recording five previous albums with Warner Brothers Records, to record not
one, but two new albums in 2018. Maybe I’m The Problem was exclusively available in its
entirety on Pandora for several months before its national release where it went straight
number #1. Maybe I’m The Problem remained in the top 10 for several weeks after its release.
Dan, always taking care of his most loyal fans, released the second album, Feel The Heat, to
only his most loyal Timesuck fans via Patreon where he has over 2,500 monthly subscribers.

Currently, Dan is building material for an 8th album/special on his 2018 “Flat Earth Tour”,
selling out rooms around the country.

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