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CANCELED - Hail Your Highness / Lokella

A Safe With Me Show
Patty Pershayla & The Mayhaps
Thursday, May 14, 2020 @ 7:00pm Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme
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Safe With Me shows have a zero tolerance policy for any unwanted attention or harassment towards women in bands and women coming to shows. You are Safe With Me.

Hail Your Highness

Two sisters making indie music for people that like to dance but also love riffs.

“On paper alone, Hail Your Highness sound poetic: two sisters from Grayling, Michigan, who play dreamy emotional music that swirls together aspects of genres ranging from hard rock to shoegaze to trap. But it’s their music, with its unorthodox song structures, dreamy dual vocals, and lava-flow undercurrent of distortion and aggression, that completes the picture. As a whole, Hail Your Highness is bigger than its individual parts, a project with no easy genre designation or niche market that sounds like music you heard in a false memory." - KERRANG!


Incorporating layers of haunting ambiance, crooning melodies and an often punchy percussive backbone, Lokella’s music unleashes an evocative performance. Often extending beyond the confines of the rock genre, the West Michigan group creates a bait and hook by flirting with blues tropes, jazz elements, dashes of latin feel and an abundance of drama.

Forming in 2016 and bursting into the scene with a 4 song visual EP named The Worst Of, the title only insinuated that members Jennifer Bartlett, Evan Bartlett, Chris Bursley and (former member) Nathan Jean were dead set on overcoming personal boundaries in their craft and their performance. The four went on to molt a few layers and followed up with another 5 songs the following year, fashioning an EP appropriately titled Shedding Skin.

Gaining traction with a constant push for visual elements that coincided with the songwriting, the band was met with a small metamorphosis with the addition of Josh Poel on drums before writing for the most recent release Censory Overload. The 5 song EP was crafted thoughtfully and New Noise Magazine picked up on that, expressing: “The magnitude of sounds involved in the listening cycle are carefully detailed, ever-expanding, and emotionally full.”

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