The Crofoot Presents

Born Of Osiris

Amoura, Assume Nothing, Vestigial
Sunday, July 17, 2022 @ 6:00pm Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme
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Born of Osiris
wsg Amoura, Assume Nothing, Vestigial

Sunday, July 17, 2022
Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids
6pm Doors / All Ages

“Simulation Theory” posits that reality and existence as we know them to be are merely a computer simulation.

Of course, The Matrix explored such a possibility in 1999, while Elon Musk espouses this hypothesis as gospel for 2019. Regardless of the theory’s truth, humanity still thrives under the weight of all-encompassing technology and daily cyber advancements. Born Of Osiris preserve such humanity within a torrent of destructive polyrhythmic riffing, chaotic vocal transmissions, and synth disarray. The Chicago quintet—Ronnie Canizaro [lead vocals], Joe Buras [keys, synthesizers, vocals], Lee McKinney [guitar], Nick Rossi [bass], and Cameron Losch [drums]—perfect that approach on 2019’s aptly titled, The Simulation [Sumerian Records]. In the end—whether a simulation or not—Born Of Osiris confidently embrace the future with open arms and deliver their boldest output yet. “There’s the technological side to the music, but there’s also a message of being patient and persevering,” he leaves off. “We’ve redefined our sound on this one. Everything is coming together. We’re brothers in this. It’s a new chapter for Born Of Osiris.”


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