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HUNNY / Hockey Dad

Saturday, February 2, 2019 @ 7:00pm Ferndale, MI @ Loving Touch
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HUNNY is a band from Newbury Park, CA who made a name for themselves in early 2015 releasing their debut single “Cry for Me" which was met with wide acclaim from bloggers and fans alike. Three years and several releases later, they've proven that they're much more than just one song. Their catalog has amassed over 14 million Spotify streams globally to date in addition to selling out rooms across the US. HUNNY is front man and guitarist Jason Yarger, guitarist Jake Goldstein, bassist and keyboardist Kevin Grimmett, and drummer Joey Anderson.

Hockey Dad

Best mates first, bandmates second – the heart of Hockey Dad has always existed in
the friendship between duo Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming, who first met in early
childhood, growing up two doors apart in the unassuming, laid back Australian coastal
town of Windang, New South Wales. The foundations for the band began in early 2013,
when an underage Fleming and Stephenson would sneak into their local live music
haunt to catch their favorite bands. Eventually they were granted regular slots playing to
an ever-growing crew of enthusiastic friends turned fans and released their Dreamin’ EP
on local Wollongong indie label Farmer & The Owl in 2014.

Now, the duo are on the verge of releasing their highly-anticipated second album Blend
Inn, the follow up to 2016’s debut Boronia. Where Boronia celebrated the long days of
summers past, of mates, the ocean and the sublime naivety of youth, Blend Inn is
Fleming and Stephenson coming to us with more perspective following a year of
relentless touring which took them far from the streets and waves of their hometown.

The growth that Hockey Dad have experienced over the past 18 months has been no
accident. The fast-paced, punk style of Billy’s drums is executed in perfect synchronicity
with Zach’s jangly guitar, anthemic choruses and ever confident vocals to give life to
their unmistakable and infectious brand of rock-pop. After Boronia‘s release, the duo
embarked on sold out tours across Australia and toured extensively through North
America, including showcases at SXSW and a Canadian tour with Dune Rats. 2017
took them to the UK, Europe, and further across Australia, including more shows
alongside Dune Rats and Wavves in some of the country’s biggest venues – a world
away from the 70 cap band room where Hockey Dad first cut their teeth.

Landing in Seattle, the recording of Blend Inn began with renowned audio engineer and
producer John Goodmanson (Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, Cloud Nothings) at Robert
Lang Studios. The studios, supposedly haunted, echo with their iconic past, having
housed many of rock’s legends over its time, including the Foo Fighters, Soundgarden,
Death Cab For Cutie, Alice In Chains, and most notably, Nirvana, who recorded their
last song there – the mic used in Kurt Cobain’s final studio track still hangs in tribute.
Here, Hockey Dad found a home away from home.

Where Boronia spoke of a physical place, named for home, Blend Inn refers to somewhere more introspective. “Blend Inn is the part of your head that you want to go
to when you’re overseas and wishing you were back home, it’s within,” says Fleming.
“We’re always just trying to be comfortable and semi blending in, so it’s the name we
gave to that place you zone out to.” The album is Hockey Dad’s boldest output to date,
a natural progression for Fleming and Stephenson as they face the tribulations of young
adulthood, a theme reflected across the record.

Blend Inn holds onto the charm and energy of youth which won hearts originally – the
playfulness, the edge, that quintessential Hockey Dad surf rock sound – but it comes to
us from two people with an expanded mindset. “We’re still kids,” reflects Fleming. “But we’re just a little bit more… experienced.”

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