King of Heck, Blank Slate, No Fun Club
Sunday, August 25, 2019 @ 7:00pm Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar
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Born out of true friendship and a mutual affection for positivity through healthy catharsis, Austin’s Hikes – anchored by the technical, emotive songwriting of Nay Wilkins – writes songs that chant the stories of living fully and honor the love found in tight communities.  After a tumultuous year, shedding a member and nearly ceasing to exist, the original quartet reunited to deliver fierce experimental indie rock, selling out shows and creating an experience to live for.

Lilt , the group’s most recent album via Community Records, offers a wealth of laments and triumphs, recounting Wilkins nearly losing his dad, almost losing touch with nature, remembrances of a missing best friend, and on and on. The songs twist and breathe, tied together by the production of Takaaki Mino (of the band toe ) and the group’s self-proclaimed ‘felt-rock’ sound, which combines moments of beautiful dissonance, a DIY aesthetic, and ties to the Emo sounds of years past.

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