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Wednesday, June 12, 2019 @ 7:00pm Pontiac, MI @ The Pike Room
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I knew her when she was just a girl with a resume on Armitage Ave -- when you see her, you'll know -- her blonde hair swarming around her like a halo as she walks through the city's streets, turning in between pedestrians, cars, and sips of coffee.

Cyn came from the middle. The middle class. The middle of the country. The canyon between Chicago and her suburban Michigan roots is astounding, considering how naturally she fits in this puzzle. She describes her upbringing as being very average -- her parents earned an average income, the average amount of children, the average divorce, the all American thing four generations forward. She came from the everyfamily where education and hard work is expected. Her creative pursuits were often dismissed by their Midwestern sensibilities. The improbabilities were said so often, however her ambition was not born from wanting to be like everybody else. She wanted it, and continues to work for it. So, her songwriting was something magical that provided an escape for her. When she was singing and writing, no longer was she just average, in the middle, in suburban Michigan. Indeed this voice of hers has brought her out, and across the world. She doesn't feel ashamed of wanting to be known any longer.

When she is in the galleries of the Art Institute, flying to Los Angeles, or islanding in Greece, her middle class upbringing seems like another planet away. However, she's still a grounded girl, as sweet as the day she first arrived, a virgin to this world. The intelligence in her eyes still shines brightly and invitingly to whoever has the blessing to run into her. She prioritizes culture of all forms, from all corners of the city, and all corners of the world.

Cyn writes to cynthasize and make sense of this world whirling around her. She writes prayers for kids like us. She wears her emotions outwardly and unabashedly. Through her voice, you can hear her speak of transition, comfort, love, and moving on. Her writing and her music is her escape and her therapy. The rawness of her sound lead her into successful collaborations with Galamatias, JERMS, and others in the music community in Chicago, Los Angeles, and the greater part of this planet. Her reliance on her faith has led her to the recording of her E.P. in L.A. slated for a 2017 release.

The all American girl can accomplish anything, really. I see it in the way she walks and the way she talks. Wherever she goes, I assure you, all eyes are on her.

- Shea Rogers

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